Synergy Radiance

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Synergy Radiance

Synergy Radiance

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Radiance is a special formula for hair, skin and nails. It contains dulse plant, horsetail herb, sage leaves and rosemary leaves. These botanicals provide significant amounts of herbal silicon (27.9 mg per 100 grams) and other nutrients which are important to the human structural system especially hair, skin and nails.

1. Dulse( red algae): High in nutrients, carotenes & polysaccharides, has antioxidant properties. Helps in detoxification & eliminative function.
2. Horsetail: Builds strong structure & prevents degeneration of hair, skin and nails. Helps in wound & burn.
3. Rosemary: Contains flavonoids, phenolic acids and volatile oils, has antiseptic, antibacterial & antifungal properties. Helps in prevent dandruff and boldness.
4. Sage: Contains flavonoids and volatile oils, is a strong antioxidant.
5. The herbal blend is rich in silicon, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, chromium, sodium,
selenium, iodine & other trace elements which are important to structural system.
6. Promotes proper utilization of calcium.

Recommended Use
Take three capsules with a meal two times daily.

Horsetail Stems & Strobilus (Equisetum arvense), Dulse Fronds (Rhodymenia palmata),
Rosemary Leaves (Rosmarinus officinalis), Sage Leaves (Salvia officinalis), gelatin and water.

它含有头发,皮肤及指甲生长所需要的元素如:矽,钾,鉻,铁,镁,钠,硒和锌等矿物质,及丰富的维他命 A,能帮助维持结构组织的健康,使外表散发迷人的光采。
1.红海藻 (dulse plant):含丰富营养素,胡萝卜素及多醣体。具抗氧化功能,并能帮助排除体内毒素。
2.问荊 (Horsetail):帮助建构健康的结构组织,预防头发,皮肤及指甲受退化。帮助修补伤口及烧烫伤。
3.迷迭香 (rosemary):含类黄酮素,酚酸及挥发性油,具有防霉,抗菌及防腐的功效。 可预防头皮屑及脱发问题。
4.鼠尾草 (sage leaves):含类黄酮素及挥发性油,是强力的抗氧化剂。
6.促进钙质的吸收利用 成份
红海藻 (dulse plant)、问荊(Horsetail)、鼠尾草 (sageleaves) 及迷迭香 (rosemary)。
每日两次,每次三粒,随餐食 用。

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