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8 Best Benefits of Grape Extract supplements
Mar 21, 2021
  1. Lowers blood pressure,

  2. Helps in weight loss,

  3. Increase healing process,

  4. Reduce cancer risks,

  5. Improves brain functioning,

  6. Reduces oxidative damage,

  7. Improves kidney function,

  8. Protects your liver

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Human and Pet Companionship
Nov 05, 2020

Human and Pet companionship have now become an integral part of our lives. Nowadays, people have more reliable connections with pets rather than with other human. Human-pet relation serves us a different aspect of vision to see life. People have integral reasons to own a pet. Pets give mental peace, improve your health, give more love and respect and far from betrayal.

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Everything You Can Do With Frankincense Essential Oil
Dec 06, 2019
Frankincense Serrata essential oil, also known as Olibanum, is steam distilled from gum resin. It’s been used for thousands of years by native people as incense, medicine, and even added to cosmetics. Wherever you are in your essential oil journey, it’s a must-have for your collection.  This specific kind of Frankincense has an appealing green and woody aroma that is pleasant on its own.  Additionally, it is widely used in aromatherapy. Like Frankincense Serrata, Frankincense Carterii and Frankincense Frereana offer similar benefits. Not sure which Frankincense is right for you? Check ou..
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Top 5 DIYs with Lavender Essential Oil
Oct 07, 2019

Lavender essential oil have a warm and familiar herbaceous aroma for spa, body care and relaxation. This makes Lavender ideal for your at-home DIY recipes. Enjoy all the skin-loving, relaxing benefits while creating natural products you can use every day.

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Benefits and Uses for Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils
Nov 28, 2018

Proclaimed staples in any essential oil collection, Lavender and Lemon are two popular oils with a plethora of therapeutic uses. The possibilities are endless! You can use them alone or blend together and diffuse for a wonderfully clean and fresh scent. You can even combine these with a variety of other essential oils to soothe your mind or body. Let’s check out these two goodies a bit closer.

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Which Frankincense Should You Choose?
Nov 22, 2018
We have our favorite essential oils here at Plant Therapy and Frankincense is at the top of the list. This workhorse of an essential oil has a number of versatile uses that make it a must-have for your collection. Even though we offer several varieties of Frankincense that each bring unique nuances, they share the same wonderful benefits. No matter which Frankincense you use, you really can’t go wrong. But we also understand that you want to invest in the oil you’ll use the most without buying all four varieties of Frankincense (yes, we said four). Find more details on the benefits and uses..
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